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How it's made

This website is built using React and delivered using aiohttp and supported by MongoDB. Everything is dockerised and I use this handy Let's Encrypt Companionto do the signing legwork for me. You can visit any page with JavaScript disabled to view a static server-side rendered version of this website.My blog posts are written using a WYSIWYG editor made from ReMirror. I generated my colors using Coolors.coThe best part: All the code is public at

Privacy / Tracking

I use self-built analytics that do not interface with any third party. A custom header tracks the same session of clicks through the website, a website refresh or new tab resets this. The information I collect is mostly basic and just for personal housekeeping.At no point do I collect or save any data that can be traced to an individual (including IP addresses or geo location data) or maintain information of an individual across multiple sessions or websites (no setting of cookies or application storage).
Check the data I collect
Browser detailsThe name and version number of your current browser.Firefox 91
TimeCurrent time and day plus how much time you spent on a page.2021-09-25T13:27:48.561Z
Operating systemCurrent operating system.Windows
PathWhich specifc page of the this website you visited./blog
Device platformWhich kind of device you are using.desktop
ReferrerWhen you visit this website via a link from another website a referrer is added. This way I know where my traffic is coming from.
Screen detailsThe size and screen orientation.1920px 1080px landscape
Timezone and countryBy checking your browsers reported timezone I can identify the country you are currently in.Europe/London UK
User agentThe browsers reported user agentMozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/94.0.4606.54
SourcesURL query parameters with a prefix that I can manually add to shared links to see how my links are shared.share=whatsapp
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